What is an H1 Title Tag and why is it so important for SEO?

by | Feb 23, 2022 | SEO, SEO in Utah

I will try to keep it simple! See all the photos, they go along with the answer and examples.

The short answer…

Your H1 tag is a coded tag attached or assigned to a title on a webpage. Normally it is the large text at the top, but can be placed somewhere else. This code is one of the first things Google looks for to know what a page is about. Once Google knows what your page is about it can start to display it to people who are searching.

Here is a Bad H1 Tag Example…

(Sorry if this is your business but it’s a good learning experience)

Here is a screenshot of a local Eye Doctor’s Website. Their H1 tag is “Welcome.” Google sees this, and assumes the website is about “Welcome.” That isn’t good!

bad seo h1 title tag example

Here is a Good H1 Tag Example…

Here is a screenshot of a local Eye Doctor’s Website. This Doctor is targeting local searches for “Ophthalmology.” Google sees the H1 tag of “Cedar City Ophthalmology” and knows exactly what this website is. Then it goes through the rest of the homepage and sub pages to see the quality of the content plus all the other heading tags and ranks the website accordingly.

**Spoiler** this is one of our clients and they show up 1st!

good seo h1 title tag example


We posted something the other day about the importance of who you hire to build your website:

“Why does it matter who builds my business website?”

This is a great example of why. A website is not just a website. There is a lot of strategy and technical skills that go into building it effectively so that you can profit from it! If you have any questions, we have answers.


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