Website Design, SEO & Marketing in Southern Utah.

We are located in Cedar City Utah, but we service clients all across the United States.

Websites & Branding

Websites are the most effective way to display your brand. The content on your website is 100% in your control. You cant say that about other mediums! Lets create something that shows everyone who you are.

SEO & Marketing

Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing can cause you a lot of stress and patience. We will handle the stress for you and make sure your site is making progress being visible to potential customers. 

Maintenance & Security

The web is becoming a dangerous place for websites. Threats of hacking, malware, and the need for security updates & patches is constant and real. We will spend the time keeping your site updated. 

Every Business & Brand Needs a Website.

When it comes to you, your brand, your services, or your products… A website is the best way for you to showcase it all.

Presence & Accessibility

If you want new customers to find you, you need to be where they are searching….. Online! And you need to show up in those searches.


Social Media is great for building a following for your brand. But a professional website brings an added sense of credibility to your business that can’t be beat.

Online Customer Service

Be there for your customers by giving them a place to reach out. With just a simple “Contact Us” page you have set up an entire customer service department that can be easily managed by you.

Competition & Advertising

Your competitors are already online. Your new website will give you the chance to stand out and show why you do things better!

Your Website should

…be an Investment.

If your website isn’t making you money, then why have it? With the right website and marketing plan, you should be finding customers, generating leads, and growing your business. If not, let us help!

…have a Clear Objective.

What do you need your customers to do? Buy something, call you, fill out a form, or download something? Whatever it is, your website needs to make it clear and easy!

…be Mobile Friendly.

More and more people are using their phones as their main device. We make sure you are ready for these changes and trends! No matter where someone is seeing your brand, it is going to look great!

…set you Apart.

Chances are your competitors have a website and your potential customers will see it as well. Your website needs to showcase why you are better. On top of SEO and Marketing to make sure your website can be found, you website design should send a clear message of why you are the best at what you do!

Website Design in Utah

Upfront & Easy Pricing.

I’m not sure if there is anything more annoying than looking up the price for a product or service only to find “call for details.” We dont do that here! Yes every project price varies, but we like to be upfront about our basic pricing plans so you have a good idea of what the cost will be. We have a 3 tier base price system then a per page price.

Let's Work Together

Whether you are ready to build a new website, start marketing your business online, or you just have a few questions.... Let us know!

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Frequently asked Questions

Do you only create Websites for Businesses in Utah?

No way Jose!

Southern Utah is where we are located, and where we got our start 10 years ago. The majority of our business is local customers but we build websites for businesses and individuals all over the United States.


What does the Website Design Process look like?

Discovery & Research

First we want to discover your needs. Why do you want a website? Once we know, we can tell you what we can do to accomplish your goals. We can help you find a domain name and also discuss your hosting & ongoing maintenance needs. At this time we work with you to find a couple websites similar to what you want in design and functionality. We also look at your competition. This process can take place in person, via video chat, email, text….whatever is easiest for you.

Content Collection

We need your content. Descriptions, photos, logos, etc. If you don’t have it all right away, we can still start your project and use place holders, but in order to stay on track we will need your content. At this time we can discuss color pallets, fonts, and any other branding requirement you may have.

Design & Deposit

Once we discover what you need and what we need to do, we will start on your new website! We do require a 50% deposit to retain us to start on your project. At this time we are all in and finishing your project is a priority. Typical build time is 4-6 weeks. The time table does depend on how much time it takes you to deliver your content.


At this point, your initial design is complete! We reserve 10% of the budgeted design time to work on final revisions for you. Do you want to change a picture, font, color, title, description or add something? Let us know and we will make the changes.

Delivery & Final Payment

We are done! You have a new website ready to get to work for you! We now require the final payment for our services. Once we receive your payment, your site will go live right away if you are hosting with us. If you are hosting elsewhere we will need your login for your hosting and domain management to migrate the website from our servers to yours.

Ongoing Support

We are always here to help any of our clients. If you are hosting with us then you also have a maintenance plan. With our “Managed Hosting & Maintenance Plans” we keep your website up to date, secured, patched, & backed up……basically, worry free! We also include time for content updates in our maintenance plans. So as your business grows and changes, your website will reflect that.

How long does the Website Design Process take?

Once we are approved to start working on your new website it usually takes 4-6 weeks to build. This of course depends on how complex your site is and if you have provided us with all the content we need.

How much does a new Website cost?

We provide simple upfront pricing. Something you don’t see too often. You can find our pricing on our “Pricing” page.  We have a simple base price for your functionality needs and then a per page rate. 

Example Pricing for our Bronze Website:

Base Price (includes 1 page): $1000
4 additional Pages ($250 ea): $1000
Total: $2000

With our easy upfront pricing nothing is hidden and you know exactly what your website is going to cost before we build it. We can also build you an official custom quote based on your unique needs if that is what you need.



Can I buy your services online?

Yes! For those of you(you know who you are!) who prefer to order online and have us contact you to complete the project, we have an “Online Shop” where you can buy Website Design, SEO Packages, Online Marketing, or Hosting & Maintenance Plans.

If you buy Website Design in our online shop, you pay the base price upfront, then on completion you will pay the per page price for additional pages or any other add-ons you request. 

If you purchase any subscription services in our online shop, then it will setup automatic recurring payments securly via Stripe or PayPal. Pretty simple!

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