Local SEO

$500.00 / month

If you are a Localized Business with a Local Audience, this is the package you want! 6 Month Minimum

On top of our standard SEO efforts, we offer these “boosts” to enhance your results!


This is the Package you want if your business is geared toward a Local Audience as apposed to a National Audience!

The difference in monthly budget comes down to the time we spend on the SEO. This package has 3 levels of SEO:

Standard – If you will be creating content and posting on your website regularly, then the standard is fine.

Standard + Content Creation – If you need us to write SEO optimized articles and post them on your website, then you will need to add “content creation.”

Standard + Content Creation + Advanced Link Building – If have quite a bit of competition, and they are also doing SEO, you will want us spending some more time creating content and performing link building, so you will need to add that option to put your site in the best position to succeed.

After 6 months, if you are paying for the top 2 levels we can slowly taper off to the “Standard” level as you get into the position you want to be in. With that we can maintain your position.

Typical start time is 1 week and can go on for as long as you pay for it. There is a 6 month minimum for SEO to be effective but we suggest more if you have the budget for it. Start time is based on the time it takes to receive all the information and access we need from you.

We can communicate in person, via email, phone calls, text or video chat. We try to make this as easy as possible on you! We will discuss your ideas and needs. We can use your design ideas or we are happy to take that responsibility and then you can suggest changes to what we come up with. We will contact you within 48 hours via your preferred contact method.

We have this online shop available just for people who prefer to do business that way. You know who you are! If you would like to talk before you make a purchase, lets talk! Click here for a contact form.

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