Silver Managed Hosting & Maintenance

$149.00 / month

Only for our Website Customers

Website Hosting
Domain Registration
Basic Site Caching
SSL Certificate
2 Hours of Maintenance & Updates
Daily Backups


Silver Managed Hosting & Maintenance

VPS Website Hosting

We will Manage your Website Hosting on it’s own VPS. Any issues with Hosting, we take care of it! Fast SSD Storage & Dedicated Resources.


Domain Name

Your Domain Name Registration will always be Renewed & Active. You don’t have to worry about ever forgetting to re-Register your Domain Name. Some specialty domains will have an additional yearly cost but a normal .com, .net, .org domain is included.

Premium Plugins

When building your website, plugins are used to add functionality like contact forms or eCommerce. Some of these plugins are Premium and require a monthly or yearly renewal to keep it updates. Under our managed plan we will keep them renewed.

Basic Site Caching

Site Caching allows your website to load without having to talk to the database every time. This allows it to load faster and have a better experience for your users and for search engine optimization.


SSL Certificate

Your Website will always be Secured by an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates is what makes your Website show “HTTPS” & “Secure” in web browsers.

2 Hours of Maintenance

We will spend 2 Hours each month making sure your website is Secure, Malware Free, and Free of bugs. We will keep your WordPress, Theme & Plugins all up to date! This also includes minor content updates. Any major Changes we will do at a discounted rate!

Daily Backups

We will run a full backup of your website daily. That way if anything catastrophic happens, we can restore it and minimize your down time to minutes instead of days! With the Backups being close together, there will also be less data loss if you make changes regularly.

Discounted Redesign

Every 3-5 years when you are ready for an updated redesign of your website, we will perform this work at a discounted rate for all of our long term Managed Hosting & Maintenance Plan subscribers.

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