Online Marketing

$500.00 / month

Every business can benefit from Online Marketing.

$500 ad management retainer + the amount you want to spend on ads ($300 minimum, $10/day). Simple as that!

3-Month Minimum Service Agreement

This is the amount you want to spend on Ads each month.


$500 ad management retainer + the amount you want to spend on ads($300 minimum, $10/day). Simple as that!

3 Month Minimum Service Agreement

For businesses with multiple locations, the $500 retainer is per location. If you are a large chain, we can work out a custom price plan. Just contact us.

Running strategic online ads on Google and Social media can grow your business and drive sales. When people see your listing at the top of Google, or your Logo and Name popping up in their feed when visiting Social Media sites it builds credibility, name recognition, and may be the key to someone choosing you over your competition.

Online Marketing is based on a monthly budget for running ads and requires a 3 Month Minimum. Set your marketing budget and within a week your ads will be running on Google, Facebook & Instagram. We can slow drop your budget through the month, or we can front-load or back-load your budget to hit the grown running or finish the month strong.

Typical start time is 1 week and can go on for as long as you pay for it. We suggest an 8 week minimum for a marketing campaign to get an accurate idea of how effective the marketing is for your industry, area, demographics, etc. Start time is based on the time it takes to receive the provided information from you as well.

We can communicate in person, via email, phone calls, text or video chat. We try to make this as easy as possible on you! We will discuss your ideas and needs. We can use your design ideas or we are happy to take that responsibility and then you can suggest changes to what we come up with. We will contact you within 48 hours via your preferred contact method.

We have this online shop available just for people who prefer to do business that way. You know who you are! If you would like to talk before you make a purchase, lets talk! Click here for a contact form.

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