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We are a family owned Small Business in Utah but serve Small Businesses all across the USA.

Our Owner

My name is Travis Dulaney, and I am the owner here at SU Web Agency. I am a husband & father, and a lover of everything technology. I use each day to polish my relationships, knowledge & skills.

I have lived in Utah for over 20 years and love it here. I have worked with hundreds of businesses in Utah in many capacities. I developed my interest in website design into a complete passion for web design, online marketing & SEO. This passion has led to me building and growing our web agency “SU Web Agency” where we have built, managed & maintained the websites for businesses here in Utah and many across the country for over 10 years!

The Team

SU Web Agency is a team of professionals and experts that come together to help you invest in website strategies that work to grow your business and boost your ROI . A website is puzzle with many pieces and it takes a team to build it right! We are:

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Copywriters
  • Photographers/Videographers
  • Marketers
  • SEOs
  • +MORE

We know it takes more than one person trying to “do-it-all” to build a Website that works as a central hub to your business growth. We know what it takes to build a business, form a team and a scale a businesses!

We are 100% transparent with our prices, our tools and our process! All of our Websites are built on the WordPress Platform, designed using the Divi 4.0 Theme and hosted on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from WPMU DEV. We use tools like SEMRush for SEO Audits, Rank Tracking and to build winning strategies for organic traffic. We use Google Ads & Facebook Business to run ads to send paid traffic to your website. We also work with freelancers to make sure we bring in the best person to perform all tasks at hand.

Website Design in Southern Utah

Is a Website just a Website?

Most people see a website as one thing but in reality it is many things put together into a package. What goes into a website project?

  • Discovery
  • Project Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Functionality
  • Copywrite
  • Photo/Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Optimization


Hiring a Freelancer

A freelancer can be a great way to save money but the downsides normally outweigh the price savings. A freelancer has to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to all the peices of the website puzzle. Freelancers normally only have 1 or 2 projects they can work on at a time since they have to do it all. They also charge the bare minimum to win your project. This usually means, if they want to make a living they will rush through your project because they need to get to the next. They live project to project and normally dont become a master of any of the trades involved in building a effective website ready to grow your business.

Hiring a Web Agency

A web agency may cost more than a freelancer, but you need to realize what you are getting. We are a team of specialists that focus on our trades that come together to build the website you need to grow your business. You get a project manager that assignx the right individuals to design, develope, create & optimize your website rather than one person trying to do it all. We work on many projects at a time but we charge the correct amount for each project rather than trying to be the lowest price. This allws us to devote the correct amount to time and resourcess to your project to get it done correctly.

Website Design, Online Marketing & SEO in Utah

We are located in Utah, but we serve clients all across the United States.

Great guy to work with he is very knowledgeable and nice! He helped me out with our website design and maintenance. It looks so great now! Great prices and excellent service. Highly recommend!

Rachelle Gronning

Mountain Eye Institute

SU Web Agency takes care of everything web related for our business! They created, host, and manage our website along with our online marketing and SEO. Our website is modern, beautiful, functional, fast & secure and we are showing up FIRST in many Google searches! If you are a business here in Southern Utah, let Travis at SU Web Agency take over everything web related for you so you can run your business and not have to worry about any of it…..We did!

Mountain West Computers

Travis re designed my website and did a great job! He was very responsive, easy to work with and exceeded my expectations. Thank you

Blake Cozzens

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